Saturday, February 24, 2007


This past Friday, January 19th Mono Film Co., Ltd. held an opening blessing ceremony to begin shooting the film Pahuyut, Mono Film’s new martial arts-action project based on an ancient form of Thai boxing that was originated in the south of Thailand during a historical time of civil wars. Directed by Piti Chaturaphat, the film intends to bring back this lost discipline that was once used as a deadly weapon during warfare.

Executive producers, Pete Bodharamik & Dr. Soraj Asavapraphra along with producer, Jirun Ratthanaviriyachai were hosts of this event. The main cast also attended this ceremony including Than Thanakorn, Nuttanan Juntarwet, Sura Theerakul, Pemnee Sangkorn, Peerawat Hamabut, and others that took place in front of the Jasmine International Tower in Pakkred, Nonthaburi this past Friday morning.
Brief Synopsis :

Pahuyut…a martial arts, action film inspired by a true story that took place in a small beach town of a beautiful island in the Andaman Sea; a place where foreign fighters came looking for the ultimate challenge in the Muay Thai fighting scene.

Uncle Praow’s Chok Dee Muay Thai fighting bar becomes the local attraction for visiting foreigners where KEM, CHAI, DOW, & DUAN all work at; a group of childhood friends who have all been active fighters in the local Muay Thai fight scene since they were kids with the support of Uncle Praow himself. KEM and CHAI’s fighting skills are heralded by foreigners and word gets out to a leader of a Muay Thai fighting team made up of foreigners called K-1. They travel to the small island looking to buyout the bar using the facility to set up their own Muay Thai training camp, but Uncle Praow refuses to sell his property. Displeased, K-1 assaults Uncle Praow, Kem, and the employees of the bar.

The gang of four friends decides to resolve the conflict by together using their knowledge and skills of the ancient Thai boxing, Pahuyut, to settle matters outside the fighting ring. The deadliest street fight is set when the ancient disciplines of PAHUYUT Thai boxing (quick, reactive, fierce, and deadly) come face to face with a modern day adapted form of Thai kickboxing combat of K-1.

KEM, DAO and their gang of friends are put to the test while caught up in this deadly street fight face-off. What will be their fate? Will this ancient fighting discipline, the art of PAHUYUT prevail and uphold against the modern day adapted form of Thai kickboxing combat of K-1?

“Victory does not mean a fight to the death of your opponent, but true victory is achieved when your opponent willingly accepts defeat.”