Monday, March 05, 2007

Grand Master Preang

• Present Master of Muay Thai Chaiya

• Current Chairman of the Thai Martial Arts and Muay Chaiya Conservation Club , Muaythai Chaiya Foundation

Kru Preang was born on September 1, 1958 in the nearby province of Chanthaburi, Thailand. Since at an early age, he has developed a keen interest in martial arts / sports, especially in sports gun shooting. Widely acknowledged for his marksmanship, he was invited to join the Thailand SEA Games National Team, but had to deny the opportunity due to financial reasons.
He entered Bangkok to attend Ramkamhaeng University and joined the University’s Ancient Fighting Weapons Club, which was well known for its being a melting pot for such diverse weapons schools as
-Buddhai Sawan
-Padung Sith
-Pran Nok
-Meed Sun Tong (Golden Dagger)
Post-graduation, Kru Preang continued to seek and learn from other masters. It was then he heard of Master Tong Chua Chaiya (TongLoh Ya Lae), foremost student of the late GrandMaster Ketr Sriyapai, through a close friend.
25 years has passed since Kru Preang became Kru Tong’s student. Given his prior skills in ancient fighting styles, Kru Tong decided to teach Kru Preang the ancient style of Chaiya Boxing.
During his last years, Kru Tong has been heard repeatedly mentioning Kru Preang as his foremost student and only one of the two students to be granted a verbal “teaching certificate”, the other being Kru Yong of the Chulalongkorn University Thai Martial Arts Club. Together Kru Tong and his teaching assistant, Kru Preang, spent 20 years trying to teach the art Muay Thai Chaiya.

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